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The Truth About Calcium

January 05, 2018

The Truth About Calcium

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a glass of milk is not a guarantee of strong bones. Most people learn at an early age that drinking a glass of milk will provide strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. If this is true, why do studies show that people in the West have more hip fractures and bone density issues than people in other places where less dairy is consumed?

The shocking reality is that, according to one study, 1 in 4 women over 65 years of age have lost more than half of their bone density. At that level of loss, a simple trip can break a hip, and a sneeze might even crack a rib.

Connecting the Dots: Calcium, Hormones and Nutrients

The reason for this is that bone density isn't a simple case of whether you take in calcium or not. It has to do with the other nutrients you eat, namely the amount of protein you take in and the acidity of your diet. Milk seems like the ideal food because it has plenty of calcium, but it is also somewhat acidic and has a high protein content. So, even if you consume a large amount of dairy, you may still lose calcium! In addition, estrogen and even stress hormones can contribute to greater loss of bone density over time.

Understanding and Aiding Bone Density

The tricky thing about bone density loss is that it is a slow and gradual process. Most medical professionals don't even notice it until it's already at an extreme stage.

Yet, isn't it nice to know you can help yourself before you get to that stage? A targeted professional-grade calcium supplement can assist in ensuring you get the correct amount of calcium, a level that will absorb into your bloodstream and often contribute to improving bone density.

Professional-grade supplements, like those found on, are specially formulated to improve absorption and maintain or even restore lost bone density and can be ideal for those suffering from osteoporosis or concerned about bone density. Plus, professional-grade supplements are evidence-based and include the accurate therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, which makes getting the calcium you need a breeze.

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