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Ginkgo Biloba: Brain Breakthrough?

March 27, 2018

Ginkgo Biloba: Brain Breakthrough?

Do you ever have those days where you just can't seem to get your brain into gear? Or you walk into a room and forget why you're there? You're not alone. These daily frustrations are often signs of brain fatigue, and more and more people are turning to supplements such as Membrin, which contains Ginkgo Biloba, to help sharpen up their faculties.


One of the startling things about Ginkgo Biloba is that it is the only member of its species. Most plants, trees, and herbs have many relatives, and once upon a time this may have been the case for ginkgo too, but today, there is only one variant of ginkgophyta, a beautiful tree with a long history of medical uses.


The greatest application of the plant is as a supplement to aid cognitive function. According to Medical News Today, ginkgo is indicated in patients with dementia, Alzheimer's and even anxiety. Benefits of taking the supplement may include improved cognitive abilities, less social awkwardness and faster performance of everyday tasks, with a focus on improved memory at the core of most of these. This may mean both the ability to recall memories and the ability to store what is happening right now.


The supplement works, researchers believe, by promoting good blood circulation in the brain. When blood flow is good, it means oxygen is getting to all the important places, and more oxygen means better performance. It's like using a high-octane fuel in your car. That's why we stock Membrin, an OrthoMolecular supplement that contains, amongst other beneficial ingredients, Ginkgo Biloba, to help promote that great brain blood circulation and prevent memory loss. Our memories are so precious, and the fact that the natural world gives us a plant that helps protect them is a marvelous thing indeed.

Ginkgo trees can live for an incredibly long time, and indeed, there is one alive today that is over 1000 years old. It resides by a Shinto shrine in Kamakura, Japan, and though it fell a few years ago, the stump has since sprouted fresh leaves and is green and lush again. The plant itself is living history, so it makes perfect sense that it should help us retain our memories; our own personal history. We might not last a thousand years like the ginkgo, but with its help, we can keep our memories and our wits about us well into our old age.

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